Wakefield/Bakery Tour

A picturesque town on the banks of the Gatineau River, Wakefield, Québec provides a richly scenic ride over hills – some challenging to test your fortitude. Incredible vistas, ski hills, golf courses, natural springs, and super fresh air all included. This tour is for those of an above average fitness level.

Who this tour is for:

  • You appreciate nature, amazing views, are physically fit and enjoy delicious treats
  • You’re comfortable riding on the road (majority of the ride is on roads with a paved shoulder but there are stretches with no shoulder)
  • You can ride a bike 80 km at a decent pace and are able to ascend/descend challenging hills
  • This tour is also offered as an overnight trip staying at the superb La Grange Bed & Breakfast. Contact us for details/pricing.

Tour Duration: approx. 4.0 Hours
Price:  $110 + tax