The 2nd Annual Ottawa CycloFemme ride is on. We meet at Ottawa City Hall (Lisgar Street entrance) and depart at 1:00 p.m., Sunday, May 11, 2014. Let's ride. WE RIDE TOGETHER.

It’s trying really hard to be spring out there.

Snow is just hiding in shady spots and holding on in the Gatineau Hills, shooting for a record season. But, yes, the riding has begun (for some it never stopped. You know who you are.)

Ladies and gentlemen…let’s get out there and ride.

We plan to be rolling in early May 2014 for season and look forward to riding with you.

Ride Destinations Under 25km


City Tour

A tour of the must-see sights in Ottawa and, along the way, we’ll discover hidden gems as well…

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Brew Pub Tour

There are some exceptional brew pubs in Ottawa that make for refreshing destinations at the end of various routes we offer…

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Ride Destinations Over 25km


Gatineau Hills Tour

To enjoy a very scenic challenge, we head across the Ottawa River to the Gatineau Hills in Québec...

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Diefenbunker/Carp Tour

This once-secret bunker was built to protect government continuity in the event of nuclear war...

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